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The ShurFit®3D Titanium Interbody Cage is offered in both straight and curved configurations and features a highly porous construct with open windows, making the cage an outstanding solution for bony in-growth and enhanced visualization. 

The internal architecture consists of a highly engineered 3D interconnected titanium lattice structure with unique built-in struts that are designed to provide the right balance of strength and stiffness to help minimize stress shielding and subsidence.

Cage features:

3D Ti Structure with Interconnected Lattice that allows for bony integration and reduces risk of migration

  • Pore Size Range:           100 - 800 µm
  • Average Pore Size:        600µm

Open Windows Coupled with Reduced Density (~60% porosity) enhances intraoperative imaging and fusion assessment

Lattice Structure decreases cage stiffness reducing the risk of subsidence

Internal Struts increases overall support and allows for insert and rotate cage positioning

Position Marker ensures correct anatomical placement

Bulleted Leading Edge allows for ease of insertion

Multiple Lordotic Options accommodates varying patient anatomies


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Interested in these products?
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