Product Code: reform
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Reform® is a comprehensive pedicle screw system that is designed to meet the varying requirements of degenerative, trauma and deformity procedures. Reform features a cobalt chrome tulip, a titanium triple lead proximally tapered thread and titanium and cobalt chrome rods to deliver strength, stability and efficiency to all thoracolumbar constructs. Reduction and uniplanar screw options, along with a full line of hooks, dominoes and offsets, complete the system to simplify the procedure and accommodate individual patient anatomy.

System features:

  • Cobalt Chrome Tulip reduces risk of head splay with DVR maneuvers;
  • Square Threaded Locking Cap geometry reduces risk of cross threading
  • Reduction Tower Quick Connect allows for slip-on insertion over the tulip
  • Triple Lead Thread allows for efficient screw delivery

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Interested in these products?
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