Product Code: vaultc-acdf
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The Vault®C Anterior Cervical Discectomy and Fusion System (ACDF) is a zero profile, modular system featuring a titanium anterior cervical plate with an integrated, one step locking mechanism and a snap fit PEEK spacer. The system is designed to restore sagittal profile while providing anterior column support to enhance the fusion process. A maximum screw trajectory of 42° allows for greater bone purchase and stability, and the system has both self-drilling and blunt-tip self-tapping screws. The Vault C offers a larger graft window with three available footprints and two lordotic options to easily accommodate varying anatomies. Custom ergonomic instrumentation complements implants for greater surgeon comfort and ease of use.

System features:

  • Larger Graft Capacity with the modular plate design
  • Maximum 42° Screw Trajectory with a nominal angle of 35° cephalad/caudal and 10° medial for optimal bone purchase and stability
  • One Step Integrated Locking Cap provides easy, secure interlock

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Interested in these products?
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