Product Code: OsseoGEN 
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OsseoGEN is Biologica's cell-based matrix utilizing Biologica's proprietary tissue processing method.  OsseoGEN continues Biologica's ability of processing unique products with increased levels of osteoinductive, chemotactic, angiogenic and proliferative growth factors.

OsseoGEN contains all three elements needed for bone regeneration 

  • Osteoconductivity – mineralized cancellous bone is combined with demineralized cortical bone fibers providing an environment that promotes cell attachment, proliferation, and tissue growth.
  • Osteoinductivity – cortical fibers are processed with a process validated to generate fibers with osteoinductive potential along with elevated osteoinductive growth factors due to our proprietary process 
  • Osteogenicity – mineralized cancellous bone contains attached progenitor and bone cells.  Cells are not only ensured to be viable but also are measured for activity confirming their metabolic activity.

​OsseoGEN is processed using a novel patented process that better preserves the growth factor content found in the donor tissue.  Intracellular growth factors are harvested during the processing and delivered bound to the extracellular matrix (ECM) of the bone tissue.
The OsseoGEN process results in higher osteoinductive, chemotactic, angiogenic, and proliferative growth factors than competitive Cellular Bone Matrices (CBMs)

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Interested in these products?
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